28th August 2020

Join the Lithium Clean Air Revolution With The Lithium Powered Pallet Truck From ONLY £1,489!

Lithium Electric: maintenance free, extended lifetime value, superfast charging, emission free, fuel free, environment friendly and opportunity charging; it’s time for gas & diesel to step aside, the Lithium clean air revolution is here. At Forktruck Solutions, we know it might be daunting to make the switch, that's why we have an introductory offer, the state of the art Lithium Powered Pallet Truck for just £1,489. Once you've experienced the power of Lithium, you'll never go back

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7th August 2020

The Managing Director of Forktruck Solutions Discusses Everything Lithium Forktrucks

Today, the Manager Director of Forktruck Solutions did an interview covering everything you need to know about Lithium forktrucks. From why Forktruck Solutions have transitioned to Lithium with the help of EP EQUIPMENT, the reasons why this sustainable switch can save your business thousands £'s and why Lithium is the disrupter in the Material Handling Market

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31st July 2020

Why Lithium is the Disrupter of the Material Handling Market

As Lithium begins to move out of the early adopter phrase, organisations are beginning to make the switch from fossil fuel powered Forktrucks. Currently, we are at the chasm of Lithium Electric, which means that it predicted that we are about to transition from early market to the mainstream eye.

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