Why Lithium is the Disrupter of the Material Handling Market

Lithium Electric: maintenance free, extended lifetime value, superfast charging, emission free, fuel free, environment friendly and opportunity charging; it’s time for gas & diesel to step aside, the Lithium clean air revolution is in the ‘chasm’. As Lithium begins to move out of the early adopter phrase, organisations are beginning to make the switch from fossil fuel powered Forktrucks. Currently, we are at the chasm of Lithium Electric, which means that it predicted that we are about to transition from early market to the mainstream eye. It’s very much been difficult to nurture the transition from diesel & gas but finally Lithium Electric has steadied it’s future.

Recently, we’ve seen the move from businesses wasting resources on greenwashing and eco-buzzwords to actually investing in sustainable solutions. Global outrage over climate concerns has been fuelled by the Corona Virus Pandemic, offering a glimpse of a greener future, the UK’s ‘build back better’ tagline is encouraging the acceleration of a low carbon future.

The speed in which the market is evolving is compelling, it is predicted that Lithium is about to embrace widespread adoption and the trigger for mass market expansion is just around the corner. According to Forktruck Solutions Surveys, 82% of customers will definitely consider Lithium-ion powered trucks in their next renewal.

The most shocking insight from our survey came to light when we asked our customers the main disadvantages of Lithium-ion technology in their Forktrucks, 72% of customers believe the highest disadvantage of Lithium is the higher acquisition costs. We say, we can offer Lithium Power at a similar price point as Gas & Diesel…. Expansion in manufacturing, retail and distribution doesn’t suit the governments carbon emission reduction policy. As businesses are forced to reduce their carbon footprint, Lithium is about to cause a storm in the material handling market, it’s time to review your Forktruck fleet.

Following the government decision to remove “Cheap Red Diesel” for commercial industrial forklift trucks. All diesel forklift users will see a 300% increase in running costs paying pump prices for fuel, Lithium Power will be a natural replacement for diesel increasing further the rush to convert to lithium electric forklift trucks.

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