Most of us are aware of the government’s plans to ban the sale of fossil fuel cars in the UK, it seems only expected that the demand for gas and diesel Forktrucks will see an inevitable decline, after all, they produce harmful pollutants which have host of consequences. For years, the bulky and heavy lead acid battery was the centre of every truck development. While the technology was simple and accessible for everyone it also came with big disadvantages such as regular and complex battery maintenance and slow charging time. Finally, the future of energy storage solutions has arrived; Lithium-ion battery technology offers a host of benefits, providing sustainable changes in transforming our way to store and consuming energy. Lithium Batteries do not cost have to cost the earth! Forktruck Solutions is offering Lithium Powered Forktrucks at a similar price point to their lead-acid counterparts. Instantly reducing your overheads, as there is no demand for that ever more expensive diesel tank to be filled. Lithium Power will reduce your long term operating costs considerably. And the benefits do not end there; Lithium Power offers a host of other ways that can save your business money, increase your efficiencies, reduce your risks, help you save the environment and improve your productivity Read on to find out what you can save when you join the Lithium Power Revolution!

Read on to find out what you can save when you join the Lithium Power Revolution!

1. Longer lifespan Lithium-ion batteries generally last for several times the number of cycles as lead acid batteries, leading to a longer effective lifespan for lithium-ion products. Offering 3-4 times longer lifespan than Lead-acid, this saves you from unwanted replacement costs in the future.

2. Opportunity charging While lead acid batteries always need a full charge cycle of 8-12 hours to keep the batteries chemistry in balance, LI-Ion batteries really like opportunity charging. They can be plugged in for 20 minutes and get 20 minutes (up to 10%) with 80% charge in as little as 2 hours. This makes your business more efficient; saving your business from having your trucks on a longer downtime. Your old trucks are likely stood idle for old fashioned chargers.

3. Light weight Lithium-ion batteries offer high power density which cause lithium-ion batteries to be relatively small and light. It is only one-third the weight of lead-acid batteries while offering 30% more power. This offers manufacturers like EP the opportunity to develop the trucks with higher standards of ergonomics, bigger legroom and better performing trucks due to the smaller size and weight of the batteries. This saves you from compromising on comfort.

4. Fast charging Higher efficiency batteries charge faster, improved efficiency means a higher effective battery capacity. Lithium batteries takes 2-3 hours to charge while lead-acid needs 8-12 hours. Lithium batteries high effective capacity reduces downtime in warehouse duties. Saving you time to be more productive.

5. Little or no maintenance: Unlike flooded lead-acid batteries with water levels that need to be monitored and re-filled, lithium-ion batteries do not need to be watered. This reduces the maintenance needed to keep the batteries operational, as well as reducing costs of training team members on the procedure and monitoring machines to ensure that water levels are correct. Lithium-ion batteries also eliminate engine maintenance. Reducing the chances of anything going wrong will save you time, money and manpower.

6. Safer Facilities: Improve indoor air quality and reducing ill health from noxious gases as well as the risk of accidents by eliminating exposure to flammable fuels and battery acid with lithium-ion technology. Also enjoy quiet operation with low decibel sound levels. Potentially, saving lives and reducing unwanted health risks to your staff, and the people who work in and around forktrucks.

7. Environmental Impact: Lithium-ion batteries provide significant environmental benefits over other fossil fuel alternatives such as gas & diesel. With the steady increase in electric vehicles, we are seeing an immediate impact in the reduction of carbon emissions. This will help you save your planet and meet your environmental businesses goals.

As well as the benefit of contributing to a healthier warehouse environment, an electric forklift will be more compact than its diesel counterpart. It will be easier to manoeuvre, particularly in small, tight areas and demand less of the driver or operator. By contrast, a diesel warehouse truck is going to be bigger and heavier and take up much more room in both operation and storage inside the warehouse.

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