Top 10 good reasons you should choose a lithium forklift truck

Here is our top ten reasons for choosing a lithium fork truck

  • The cost of fuel is eliminated, saving approximately £12,600 in propane over 5 years using a 2.5 ton capacity forklift 6 hours a day, 5 days a week *Estimated Cost Savings
  • On–site fuel storage is eliminated, which reduces liability
  • Spend less on maintenance - lithium lift trucks don’t have engines, transmissions or radiators. Also there are fewer waste fluids to dispose of - no engine, transmission or coolant fluid changes to worry about
  • When placed into the right application, the lithium forklift will usually have the lowest total cost of ownership when compared with diesel and propane
  • In the design of the lithium forklift, braking happens automatically and electrically as soon as the operator’s foot is removed from the throttle resulting in less brake wear
  • Operator productivity is often higher because there are typically fewer movements of hands, arms and feet required to operate an electric lift truck
  • Capacity ratings and stability are usually better at high lifting heights, partly due to a lower centre of gravity
  • Turning radius specifications are typically better which can increase storage capacity, reduce product and truck damage, and increase productivity
  • Lithium forklifts have zero tailpipe emissions creating safer working conditions for employees and releasing less pollutants into the environment
  • Lithium forklifts produce less noise during operation which results in a better and safer work environment for employees

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