The Managing Director of Forktruck Solutions Predicts The Future Of The Material Handling World

Within 10 years all forklift trucks & material handling equipment will be Lithium powered. After all, why wouldn't it be? it is the perfect power source for a site based vehicle.

The race is on for decarbonization and electrification for UK industry but more particularly logistics, this means the Lithium Revolution could be on its way to your warehouse sooner than you think. The main advantage is it’s charging possibilities, fast charging during breaks and downtime. This means your forklift truck can charge up to 80% in around 2 hours, this ensures 24/7 availability of your equipment while increasing flexibility in your day to day warehouse operations. Lithium-ion battery technology offers a host of benefits, transforming the way to store and consume energy. Lithium Batteries do not have to cost the earth. Forktruck Solutions is offering Lithium Powered Forktrucks at a similar price point to their lead-acid counterparts. In most usage scenarios, the switch to lithium Electric Forklift trucks will pay off immediately with no fuel costs and infinitely reduced maintenance costs, after all lithium electric has no or very few moving parts ensuring that you can focus on your business objectives with the knowledge & security that your Forktruck fleet is running with optimal performance at all times.

We can guarantee two things (1) You will be using Lithium powered forklift trucks in the next 10 years. (2) When you do make the switch, you will wish you did it sooner.

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