Driver Training

Lifting Equipment Professional Training

We offer a complete range of training courses to better equip your forklift and lifting equipment operators – all supported by our professional instructors who have been accredited by RITB (RITB).

Our training courses for forklift operators are available all over the UK and can be conducted either at our designated training facility or your business premises, should you choose.

The materials handling industry is already facing a workforce challenge – in not just finding skilled warehouse loading operators but also training them with the know-how required to perform their job diligently. Without a planned and consistent lifting equipment operator training program, these issues only get worse with time.

Our industry-leading training programs have helped many businesses protect their operators, equipment and materials, by arming them with the knowledge and expertise needed to carry out operations in a safe, efficient and productive manner.

Lifting Equipment Training to Keep You Safe and Productive

With the right operator instruction and training under your belt, you can maximise your warehouse operations for much greater efficiency, safety and accuracy throughout each shift. For a fact, equipment warehouse operators who have been trained properly and are well-versed in using their equipment correctly, are far more inclined to using it responsibly and with the utmost care.

At the end of the day, you’re not only looking at markedly higher productivity and motivation levels, but also significantly less damage or unnecessary equipment wear and tear due to misuse or a lack of skill.

Materials lifting operators being trained and certified before they can operate any machinery or equipment is a part of their job and is not to be taken lightly. If you’re not complying with those training and regulatory requirements as well as certifications, you could be unnecessarily putting your operators and your business at risk.

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