No Charging Point? No Problem: New Lithium Counterbalance with Built-In Charger

The EFL 181 Li-Ion forklift is the next generation, entry-level forklift from EP Equipment. It was designed to replace Diesel forklifts in the yard or Gas forklifts in the warehouse with occasional usage. The key features of the New EFL18 is of course the integrated charger for simple charging at any standard 3 pin power outlet just like you would your mobile phone or laptop. The Li-Ion battery is a maintenance-free power source. The super-fast on-board charger it can of course opportune charge just like any other lithium powered product, meaning it can be charged at anytime during breaks or periods of inactivity.

The main client profile for the EFL 181 Li-Ion forklift is essentially anyone currently using gas, diesel or lead acid counterbalance forklift trucks targeting companies with single shift operations or daily sporadic need for a forklift truck. The EFL 181 is always available due to its maintenance-free Li-Ion Battery and the integrated charger, making it the perfect truck for anyone wanting to save money on fuel and cut carbon emissions. The large front tyres are specifically designed for outdoor use and allow for usage on uneven floors and in the yard, but as this is an innovate machine meant to signify a step forward & in design & usage you will notice that the front tyres are significantly larger than those of traditional gas & diesel counterbalance forklifts offering superior ride, comfort and load stability.

And the savings don't stop there, unlike gas & diesel forklifts there are no or fewer moving components with electric forklifts, no radiator to overheat, no engine with moving parts that wear, no starter motor or alternator, no transmission, no oils & filters but more importantly no fuel costs. The benefits are huge as well as the cash savings there’s the environmental savings too, each IC powered forklift could be spitting out as much as 1ton in carbon emissions per annum.

Due to its compact size, the small truck offers are large legroom and ergonomic workspace. The Li-Ion Battery provides opportunity charging and it communicates via Can-Bus with the truck to ensure an efficient usage of the truck at all times. However the best news of all is the price point, you could lease the new EFL18 for as little as £69.00 per week including full service & maintenance.

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