New Lithium Power Pallet Truck from £1,489

With EPT 12-EZ you will receive an all new user experience. With its small, modular battery system the 12EZ is always available and can be used as simple as an electric screwdriver. Handling of pallets was never easier. Just plug and play – simple charging and great usability. At EP we believe in products that simply work. With the completely new, 12EZ powered pallet truck we managed to reinvent a product used by millions of people around the world, everyday: the hand pallet truck. It is time to go electric, It is time to go 12EZ lithium. Because it is simply the future.

EASY CHARGE One Step Charge Wall Mounted Charging Socket Plug in / out Suitable for opportunity charging EASY EXCHANGE One Step exchange Plug in / out Spare battery available 3 HOURS WORKING TIME Very low weight of only 140kg 3 hours on one charge 20Ah state of the art lithium Ion Battery

Because of its low weight of only 120kg and with the power of its 20Ah state of the art, lithium Ion Battery, the 12EZ electric pallet truck can run up to 3 hours on one charge. A unique feature of this electric hand pallet truck is the 3.7KG light removable Li-Ion Battery.

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