New EP lithium powered product range

Smart as truck - the next generation of lithium powered forklift trucks and warehouse equipment

For decades the lead acid battery has been at the centre of every truck development. While the technology is simple and accessible, it also comes with issues such as large heavy weighted trucks, a regular need for battery maintenance and longer charging times.

At Forktruck Solutions, we now offer the next generation of Lithium-Ion powered forklifts and warehouse equipment. Thanks to the latest innovation and development, we offer the technology which provides businesses with significant performance advantages in the warehouse.

Partnering up with EP, a leading global supplier of lithium-ion electric vehicles, we ensure maximum efficiency, safety and comfort at minimum costs.

Find out more about the benefits below.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Take pride in your environment and make the perfect choice for a greener future.

High Performance

Lithium-Ion batteries ensure longer working times, increasing truck availability. They can also last up to four times longer than conventional batteries and can be fully charged within 2 hours.

Longer Service Life

Lithium-Ion batteries come with a naturally long service life. They can go on for 4,000 full charging cycles with at least 80% residual capacity.

Reduced Energy and Battery Maintenance

Thanks to maintenance-free batteries, the operating costs of Lithium-Ion trucks are significantly less compared to lead acid powered trucks as there is no topping up of water or checking acid levels, saving you time and money.

Cold Store Friendly

Did you know Li-Ion batteries maintain high performance at temperatures below freezing, making them suitable for cold store applications?

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