Marketing Executive, Elizabeth, Spreads The Message About The Lithium Clean Air Revolution On Ben Nevis

Our very own Marketing Executive takes on Ben Nevis to spread the word about the Lithium Clean Air Revolution. Lithium Forktrucks offer a whole host of benefits. One major benefit is that it reduces your workers exposure to noxious gases and emissions traditionally given off by gas & diesel Forktrucks

What better place to spread the message about the Lithium Clean Air Revolution than the beautiful, unspoilt mountain range? The air on Ben Nevis is one of the best around, so it certainly makes sense!

At Forktruck Solutions we are passionate about improving air quality so it is healthier for people today and generations to come. As sustainability becomes on every businesses agenda, it is important to consciously assess your carbon footprint. Switch your gas & diesel forktruck fleet today to improve your environmental policy and improve the air quality in your facility (and save your business money too).

What are the other benefits of switching your Forktruck fleet to Lithium?

  • 1. Fuel Free – No fuel costs
  • 2. Emissions free – Reducing staff exposure to noxious gases
  • 3. Carbon free – Helping your business achieve your sustainability policies
  • 4. Zero battery maintenance – Sealed unit
  • 5. Ventilation not required – No gases given off when charging
  • 6. Reduced noise levels – Reduce noise pollution and operate in the night
  • 7. Longer life cycle – 3-4 times life lead than lead acid forktrucks
  • 8. Recyclable battery
  • 9. Opportunity charging – Plug in anytime
  • 10. No Battery topping – No distilled water costs or acid spill’s
  • 11. Improved safety – protecting your staff

Join the Lithium Clean Air Revolution Today and see what else you can save!

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