Let’s look at the results, why you are really saying no to Lithium? Clearing up your misconceptions

Some businesses and individuals are resistant of change. We're creatures of habit. For the most part, we love routine and procedure. If it hasn't been done before, there will be some in your organization who likely can't see the end from the beginning. When it comes to Lithium, organisations can experience discomfort when they depart from their ‘status quo’. That’s why Forktruck Solutions did some digging. We explored the main misconceptions of Lithium according to our current Gas & Diesel Forktruck customers, to establish why they might be apprehensive to make the switch. We asked our customers, “What are the main disadvantages of Lithium Batteries?” and the results were simply – ironic.

Higher initial acquisition cost was apparently the key downfall of Lithium-ion Batteries. However, this misunderstanding can easily be cleared up. We can offer Lithium Forktrucks at a similar price point as Gas & Diesel alternatives. On top of this, Lithium Batteries can reduce operating costs by up to 75%. As the battery is maintenance free, this also eliminates battery topping & distilled water costs. Secondly, our fossil fuel customers believe that Lithium had increased complexity of technology. This misleading information came to a shock to our engineering department, our engineer cleared up the misconception, he said “Lithium Forktrucks have virtually zero battery maintenance, they have a sealed battery unit, you just plug them in like a phone and go! It is the easiest technology I’ve ever worked with”.

The next concern was a lack of recycling options. As a Lithium Battery lasts 3-4 times the lifecycle than a Lead-acid battery, in some cases, it can outlive the Forktruck. Lithium Electric has the possibility of a second life delivering re-usable options for your next forktruck or even a secondary application. Moreover, Lithium components are 100% recyclable as well has highly desirable as recycled components and landfill safe. The second to last concern was the need for a high frequency charging system. Unlike Lead-Acid Forktrucks, Lithium Batteries can be opportune charged, this means they can be plugged in just like your phone, laptop or other portable device. No charging room is required with Lithium Electric, you can even plug it in outside the break room, if safe to do so. All you need is a standard 32amp supply which is fairly common place in most industrial, commercial applications.

The last misconception for our customers was that Lithium was ‘unproven technology’. We Should ask Elon Musk if his technology is unproven? Because the Lithium Battery technology is the exactly the same of that used in Tesla automobiles and other brands of electric automobiles. Lithium has been around since 1912 but more became common in the 70s and has failed to make waves due to its high cost. But now, Lithium is here to stay, in a sustainable, affordable and environmentally responsible way. Misconceptions around Lithium Electric urges a mass market education. Higher initial acquisition costs, increased complexity of technology, less recycling options and need for specialised charging systems couldn’t be further from the truth of this highly established and proven technology. This evolving market is increasingly reinforcing confidence in Lithium-ion’s maturity, the Corona Virus Pandemic offered a glimpse of a greener future along with the Blue Planet movement. These events have triggered active exploration into Lithium, which has generated a phenomenal demand in the technology. Society knows - it’s time for change.

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