How clean is your air? Running Gas & Diesel inside? It’s Time To Join The Lithium Clean Air Revolution…

Are you a direct contributor to our pollution problem? There are major concerns around exposing staff to noxious gases given off from gas & diesel powered equipment operating indoors. An annual report from 'Industrial & Logistics Market' reveals that retailer and distributor requirements for logistics warehouses will exceed the country’s available stock the end of 2020. As the industry takes over, more and more employees, local residents and the environment will become more exposed to these dangerous warehousing pollutants.

Indoor pollutants range from carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides from loading docks and gas and diesel forktrucks. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are also emitted in most warehouses from the materials stored, storage materials, vehicles and materials handling or manufacturing from within the warehouse. Engine powered Forktrucks operating in such applications as warehousing, manufacturing and its related activities produce pollutants could be a harm to both indoor and outdoor environments. The expanding warehousing industry has led to controversies over the industry’s impact on workers’ health, the environment, and that of the wider general public.

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Creating a balance between industry growth and environmental and human health is becoming an urgent necessity. The economic gains of a booming logistics industry where more products are or-dered online than ever before, need to be carefully weighed against an activity’s environmental and negative health impacts

Improving indoor air quality can reduce health associated absenteeism as a result of pollutant expo-sure and minimise the risk of long term health damage. As well reducing the requirement for storage of flammable fuels, reducing your carbon footprint & other general environmental benefits.

Perhaps now more than ever it is time to persuade logistics and warehousing companies to switch to newer, lower-emission vehicles?

Take a step in the right direction by joining the Lithium Clean Air Revolution, producing no harmful gases or carbon emissions, we can help you take pride in your environment.

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