Diesel Forklift Trucks Verses Lithium. Discover Why You Should Replace Your Diesel Forklift Trucks With Lithium Power?

In this blog, we will discover why diesel forklift trucks and material handling equipment is certainly a thing of the past. It is no doubt, that diesel has dominated the material handling market for decades & we will admit, it has been challenging to nurture this transition from to Lithium, but finally, we can provide Lithium at the same price point as gas, diesel & lead-acid and suddenly everything has changed…

Despite becoming more affordable, why else have organisations dropped diesel for Lithium powered forklift trucks? Well, the market has now evolved beyond the awareness phase, the majority of people understand that Lithium is powering most of their most reliable devices, like phones, tablets & laptops. But, a huge driver for change, is the red diesel ban, starting in April 2022, Diesel forklift truck users will be forced to pay pump prices, that’s up to a 300% price increase. Already, Diesel costs £25 a day, compared to around £3 with Lithium battery power.

Long term ownership cost of a Lithium forklift truck is an often overlooked benefit of Lithium. Lithium power see’s huge maintenance cost reduction, that’s because the battery is sealed, eradicating battery topping & acid spills forever. In fact, the entire forklift truck has so few moving parts meaning that less can go wrong or wear.

Moving on from costs, environmental considerations are the biggest motivation for change. Shockingly, 1 diesel forklift truck produces more emissions than 25 diesel cars. As the requirements for warehouses begins to breech the countries available stock, the economic gains of the booming logistics industry is becoming carefully weighed against the environmental & negative health impacts of the emissions they are producing. As customers begin to demand sustainable supply chains, Lithium powered forklift trucks & material handling equipment is becoming the perfect solution to reduce the controversies over the industries impact on worker’s health, the environmental, and that of the wider general public.

In response to the emergence of the modern shopper, warehouses are increasingly the centre stage of this change, as the high street diminished stock is being relocated off site into our industries districts with many warehouse operations now running 24 hours every day. Many business have started to embrace 24X7 continuous operational times to meet customers heightened demands s & fast turnaround times for deliveries. Efficiency is now a top priority, Lithium forklift trucks support opportunity charging and come standard with super-fast charger, this means Lithium forklift trucks are future-proof & will continue to support the changing warehouse environment, in an ethically orientated way.

Lastly, the ‘green recovery’, this is an official government package of environmental, regulatory & fiscal reforms to recover prosperity in the most sustainable, this is one of the main reasons why you should switch your diesel forklift trucks to Lithium sooner rather than later. Essentially, we now have 10 years left before petrol & diesel cars will be banned from being sold, and you’ll probably find, this will impact the material handling industry too.

All in all, you should switch your diesel forklift trucks to lithium electric because it is the most cost effective out of all the power sources, without the need for fuel or battery maintenance, Lithium can see reduced operating costs of 75%. Not only that, Lithium forklift trucks are much better for the environment & less likely to have an adverse impact on your employees health. Most importantly, Lithium is a future proof power source, suitable for all your material handling needs. You can be confident that your Lithium forklift fleet & material handling equipment can shine in the everchanging world of industry, warehousing, logistics, ecommerce and more.

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