Client Reviewed all Aspects of Workplace to Improve Employee Welfare & Reduce Carbon Footprint

After recent global events, our client reviewed their working environment, beyond hand sanitizer and facemasks.

They took a fresh perspective on the workplace, aiming to improve working conditions, reduce emissions, reduce their carbon footprint and have cleaner indoor air.

The plan is to switch company cars to Lithium to reduce their carbon footprint.

Our Client was also concerned about using Gas Forklifts inside due to the emissions exposed to their staff.

Switching to Lithium will not only save thousands £'s on fuel and maintenance but Lithium Electric is also emission free, carbon free and fuel free.

Which will improve indoor air quality and improve environmental credentials.

Our Forktrucks can run double shifts on a single Lithium power pack and are equipped with a super fast charger which can allow for rapid charge during shift rotation.

Opportunity charging allows battery top up at moments of inactivity

The reduced size of Lithium forklifts and increased manageability allows them to work in drive-in-racking. Check out our video below to find out more!

Join The Lithium Clean Air Revolution Today To Improve Your Working Environment.

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