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Forktruck Solutions at Le Mans

A near mythical event in the racing world, the annual Le Mans 24-hour race tests the drivers’ skill, the cars’ performance and the endurance of both. As sponsors of a Porsche 911 entered by the PK Sport team, Forktruck Solutions take a keen interest in the annual event, with members of staff often attending.

The race, which was first held in 1923, is split into several classes, with the winner being the team that covers the greatest distance in 24 hours of continuous racing. Traditionally the race was started with the competing cars lined up on one side of the track and the drivers waiting on the other, as the race commenced the drivers ran to the car and started their engines. The ‘Le Mans start’ was last used in 1969, being discontinued in 1970 due to the feeling amongst some drivers that it was unnecessarily dangerous. However the ignition switches of Porsches, which was placed by designers on the left side of the steering column to allow a quicker start, is a lasting reminder of the ‘Le Mans start’.

The La Mans circuit de la Sarthe itself has undergone many modifications over the years. It is most famous for its long straight, known locally as Ligne Droite des Hunaudieres. But by the late 1980s the fastest cars were reaching speeds of approximately 250 mph in the straight and the FIS felt that it had grown unsafe. Two chicanes were consequently put in place in time for the 1990 race to lower speeds. Near the end of the straight is an infamous hump. This hump was flattened during the winter before the 2001 race, again in the interest of safety.

PK Sport are the leading Porsche Motorsport team in the UK and one of the fastest, most professional teams racing Porsches in the world. PK Sport represents the hopes of Britain’s Porsche owners and GT Sportscar fans, racing in high profile races and championships.

The team of three drivers is supported by numerous skilled mechanics and engineers, who maintain and repair the Porsches before, after and during races. Although the drivers often receive the plaudits and glory the whole team must work together if they are to achieve success.

In a sixty second pit stop the team can –

Although relatively new competitors to the Le Mans 24-hour race PK Sport have enjoyed some success in the event, racing their Porsche GT3 in 2001 to an unprecedented 16th overall at their first attempt.