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Loler Examination

A Thorough Examination every 12 months

According to the 1998 Lift Operations and Lift Equipment Regulations (or LOLER), all forklift trucks must undergo a complete examination at least every 12 months to ensure they are safe and fit for purpose. This forklift “MOT” is called the Thorough Examination.

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What does LOLER require?

LOLER addresses the specific risks associated with the use of lifting equipment. Thorough examination and inspection are key requirements of the regulations. To meet these requirements, duty holders must:


Clark is fully-certified to provide Thorough Examination tests on forklift equipment, and a testing program can be easily integrated into your service plan, thereby combining all your testing and servicing requirements in one simple solution.

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If you would like to read more information on the suject of LOLER you can download two guides shown below which have been written by the Health and Safety Executive.