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Keeping our customers moving since 1917.

In 1917 a Michigan axle maker called Eugene Clark needed a way to move materials more efficiently around his factory. The solution Clark’s engineers came up with was the Tructractor, a little lifting machine which was to be the great-grandfather of every modern forklift truck. Quickly realising its potential, Clark began selling the Tructractor to other companies, enabling their factories and warehouses to benefit from the vast improvements in speed and efficiency that the new truck offered.

In over 90 years since that first Tructractor, Clark has refined and developed its forklifts beyond recognition; but while the machines have changed, the core principle of delivering advances in speed and efficiency to its customers has remained the same.

In partnership with Clark, Clark Forktruck Solutions is committed to delivering low-cost, high-quality forktruck solutions that meet and exceed every customer's needs. No matter what you want from your forklift provider, whether it’s a single part, a flexible hire and lease option, or a complete warehouse solution, we can help. Give us a call on 0800 0183675 or contact us, and find out how, together, we can move your business forward.

Clark factory Mulheim, Germany

CLARK Mulheim, Germany

Clark factory Germany

CLARK Europe HQ GMBH, Germany

Clark North America Headquarters

Clark North America Headquarters, Lexington

 Clark Parts Distribution Centre

CLARK Parts Distribution Centre, Kentucky

Changwon Factory, Korea

CLARK Changwon Factory, Korea

CLARK Material Handling International, Bucheon

CLARK Material Handling International, Bucheon

Clark factory in Costa Rica

Clark Material Handling, Costa Rica

Clark factory in Brazil

Clark Material Handling, Brazil